Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Ну вот и начался 2016 год, и пока я могу, пока я здесь и относительно не занята, стоит писануть пару строчек о своем состоянии и положении дел в моей жизни. Естессна на любимом инглише.
Sooo, maybe I'm gonna start some entirely new journal. Maybe not even here, cause I need something more like a stock to ehehe stock my progress on some things and I really wanna get it in check to finally organize my life. Because there is some order in it at the moment and I hope so much it'll last at least till the summer.
I'll try not to forget to write here, because this is more of a journal to me than everything I had before. And I really want to get new design, so let's hope I'll manage to do it.
About my nowdoing. Currently staying at home and enjoying doing nothing. Drawing, eating. Lazy life of lazy girl. Perf. Don't wanna to head back. Waking up early, eating strange food, going long ways to the university. Blargh. No cats. NO CATS AT ALL. So lonely.
So, as you can see, nothing is actually happening. Like always.
See you next time :3