Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.

Hello, Dear Diary!
Finally some adequate post about my nowdoing. Well, it's not like past month was so very interesting. Studying, studying, studying some more. There were holidays, on which I happily didn't do anything. On May the 1st I went home. Sleeped, ate, hung out with my parents and friends. Visited Ksusha's grave, by the way. On May the 9th I visited a lot of places. Firstly I hung out with Anton. We went to look at fireworks. Chatted a lot. Though to me it seemed, like I chatted a lot. I rode through night Moscow with cool music. It was awesome. Got to KK on May the 10th at 2 a.m. Lol. Next day me and my aunt visited Pushkin's museum one more time and went to the thathre. We watched Otello. I am somehow sad, it wasn't a traditional perfomance. Nevertheless it still was fantastic. Maybe too symbolic.
After such joyfull weekends I was studying like a mad dog. I am still in a process. Catched some cold from my pacient. But now am feeling so much better. The only thing troubling me is stomatite. Cause it's growing. I already have 3 or 4. And I need to see a dantist. But for now I don't have time for it. So, I hope to close my session as quickly, as possible to come home and go to him. The session itself is deadly. But today my spirit is uncharacteristically high. I am so tired from all of this, I ain't even whining. Can you imagine?))
But I am still angry at some people! They are just so strange. And mean. But it's nothung. Cause like my epigraph is saying - I'll come out and have my revenge someday! Nye-he-he!
Celebrated KK's B-Day yesterday.
Well, what more? All is OK. There is a nice song!

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