Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.

Hello, Dear Diary!
Today was quite a strange day. You know, ordinary routine day. And still, my mood is flying high. I hope the wave I am on, will not go down, cause it seems like I finally catched my rhythme. You know I found strength to stand up and smile. My inner world is litted up with sunshine and cheering birds. Really want this feeling to last longer. I really need a wake-up call. To do all the things I need to do. And there is a lot things I need to do. The studying, making scarf, communicating with people. Really need to climb out of this despair-depression-hopelessness-whatever-it-is! I am much stronger than many think. There is always hope! The sun is gonna keep on shining, rising ther beneath horizon! My love for life will keep on wising! Everything is gonna be alright! Everything that downs me makes me wanna fly!
The 10th Dannyversary was yesterday. I bought beer and rewatched the first episode. Oh. That was sooo nice. Today Angy is on night duty, so I have some time for myself. Listening to music and sleeping. And tomorrow is gonna be a busy day. Very busy.
And today is song's quote day! Yay!
Theres so many wars we fought
Theres so many things we're not
But with what we have
I promise you that
We're marchin on
We're marchin on
For all of the plans we made
There isn't a flag I'd wave
Don't care where we've been
I'd sink us to swim
We're marchin on
We're marchin on
We'll have the days we break
And we'll have the scars to prove it
We'll have the bomb that we saved
And we'll have the heart
Not to lose it