Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.

Hello, Dear Diary!
The epigraph to please the spring! Maybe it'll see how much I am awaiting for it's come and finally appear in whole glory with green grass, green leafs, bright sun, cheering birds and little yellow flowers all over the place. I am sure I'll see some ducks this year too, cause I already had heard one or two of them. And the frogs, oh the frogs! Pure little creatures drived by unstoppable want of reproduction. Though they are not the only one, if you know what I mean. Hope, this spring's hormonal rise will leave me untouched, cause I don't wanna even think about feeling so stupid and helpless, like last time. Awful human feelings. I am starting to break under the unstoppable want of eating meat though. Today was my second break. Maybe I'll make the week after the next - a meat-week. Cause my powers are running out. I am so pitifull.
Well, about my nowdoing. The studies are killing me. Too much, too fast, too rough. It's the hardest part of all three years. I hope, it'll be the hardest part of all six years. Next week I have therapy. Electrocardiography. It's not like I don't know it! It's just. The pressure of my teacher is sometimes too harsh. Work it harder! Make it better! Do it faster! Makes us stronger! More then ever! Hour after! Our work is never over! A song about my life. Well, the biggest and the latest part of my life.
I'll write you more soon.
See ya!