Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, Dear Diary!
Finally, writing to you. Through the phone, but still. Well, harsh days are gone leaving me with one more tail. This time - operative surgery. He didn't wanna take our works, so six of us (I mean my friends part) were left with our papers in ours hands. Angy was angry. I was just sad. Cause you know, my team really had a big situational problem. The biggest of all, I dare to say. It's not like we were thinking too slow. It's just half a paper answer! Soo unfair. I think tomorrow I'll go and rewrite it. Very fast this time. Well, then. Pharmacology. It's not even funny. How unfortunate can I be? You know, there 8 varieties of the test. I had answers to first 5 of them. Guess who's got the 8th! I was so pissed at my bright aura of a loser. Still, I think I could pass. So, let's wait till the Friday.
The night duty in the hospital was smooth. We even slept for 6 hours. We went to the operation, where I felt myself dizzy. Really dizzy. We met Anzor. He is quite a nice guy. Teached us, and don't forget I am a slowpoke, how to do intravenal injections. I got KK's blood. It was sooo awesome! I did it! I managed it! I am so proud. Guess it may seem pretty stupid to act like this when I had managed it only one time. But the Moscow wasn' built in one moment.
Well, and about last-last days, or preciesly, yesterday. Yesterday~ All my trouble seemed so far away~ And it's true. We had common surgery lection, watched some pacients with amputation aaaaand! Went to the KillFish! Had a nice time. Last one I had a bubblegum. Yesterday had a blue lagoon. Liked Vanya's parkur. It was mint flavoured and nice shade of green. Also I tried Ugay-Yaki don. It was soo delicious. Mmm.
Well. All for now. Today is going to be very long and studyfull.
Going off!