Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.

Hello, Dear Diary! Guess what? I am writing to you with an epigraph. At Wednesday. Do you understand what it means? Yay! It is internet! In Moscow! In Peredelkino! In hostel. So I broke down. I needed it. So, no I have a USB-modem. And for now it works perfectly fine.
My mood on the other hand has gone lower. Cause, you know? I feel like a wild animal, that just HAS to battle to survive in this modern urban jungle. Want to have good education? Fight! Want to communicate with nice people? Fight! Want to get a job? Fight! Fight! FIGHT! FIGHT!!! And really I am sick of tolerating all this mess. I am stressed already. My neural system is overworking 24/7. And nothing is gonna ger easier or softer. I just really wanna be a little kid again. Not that I am now an adult. Just a bigger kid, I guess. I want to go to the 5th grade and be 10 years old. And play with dolls, and do homework two hours a day, and hang out with friends and to not really have any problems with life. But being little kid also had dark sides. So I guess maybe it is for a better, that I slowly become older. Still cartoons ROCK! Yay! ^^
Well, next two days are harsh, so probably you'll not get a post till the end of Friday. And on the weekend I am going on a night duty to the hospital, maybe I'll write you from here.