Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, Dear Diary! I am writing to you from Microbiology lection. Again! And I am getting away with it! (C) >:D
What to tell you about my nowdoing? I am currently sitting on Post. Decided to try it once more this year. I am being more hard to myself, so TRYING (the key word) not to eat eggs and milk products. Hope I'll succeed. The studying is going smoothly. I didn't close any of my tails, but still, all is pretty well.
Rereading Checkmate. Yeah, again. Tomorrow gonna go home. Today'll spend the night at KK's. I think we will have a nice time. And tomorrow morning to the Vladimir!
Well, what more? Tuesday after surgery I grabbed Nadya and we went to the 'Red Pencil'. My automatic pencil was broken, so I bought a new one. It is pretty nice. Also I bought myself a new copic. Like a present on the March the 8th. Don't know. A grey one. Next one will be skin-colors. Three or four. They are pretty usefull. Maybe I'll try 'Touch'.
Desighned a new character. The Hollow girl. Actually I made her up last Friday. But today I drew her. Chibi stile, but still. On Pharmacology I'll try to draw her normal.
Well, don't have anything to say anymore. Going off! ;)