Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, Dear Diary!
How are you doing? I am pretty nice, which is kinda strange, taking in last days. Well, I went to the University only on Wednesday. So I spent there two days total. And all of it was for nothing. No-no, listening debates about today's politics was interesting, but not necessary. Listening about Immunology test also wasn't too great. And Friday, oh, the Friday! Day about nothing. I probably failed my Microbiology check-up's. Just cause it's me. And pharmacology.. Well, I didn't even try to study it. So now I have a pretty much big bunch of tails, hanging down from my back. Yay!
My illness doesn't even think about going away. It's like - "Oh, it seems you stoped coughing. Well-well-well, have a mucosefall from your nose. And ears. Yeah. I don't like them. And yeah, your neck's lymphatic knot. I'll make it ten times bigger, just in case". And I was just auuurrgh! Today I had a chance of coming to pharmacy. Mom said to get Sumamed. Well, I listened it all about taking antibiotics without doctor's permission. Well, I am almost doctor myself. Why can't I permit myself some Asitromicine, for God's sake? It's not like it is so dangerous, or have such side effects. Sure there are some, but I really need to become alright as soon as I can. I have studies here, people!
About studies! Guess who slept half the day and the other half watched "Uta no Prince-sama"? It's me! Yaaaay! Today was a lazy day. A very lazy day. And I'm not ashamed of myself. Tomorrow, I'll be. But now, pffffft. Get off, I am tired for no reason.
Well, that's all news for now.
See ya later!)