Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, Dear Diary!
I am writing to you from Immunology lection. Such a badass! ;)
There's so many news I want to tell you. Let's start from tuesday. We had our Surgery in Dolgoprudnyy. But what is special the aftertime. We were going to our railway station, through the parking lot just near the hospital. And we founf money. A lot of money. Two packs of 5000 rubles. As we'll know later there was 150000. We were so thrilled. Went to the guys on post. They thought we were laughing at them. Make a long story short we found the owners and handed the money to them. They gave us 5000. So we decided to go to the bar. It was my first time in a real bar. We ate a lot of sushi, ice-cream andsome cocktails. I don't know about spelling this word right. So it was with alcohol. But very yummy. And I tried rome. It was fun.
The wednesday now is a day-off. We still have Yvrit though. Once in two weeks. But still. This is awesome. We can study topographic anatomy.
I am sick. Don't really know why. But the throat is aching and the voice is funny. KK said I am screaming at her. And I am not.
Well, see you later.