Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.

Hello, Dear Diary!
Some lazy post about my lazy days. I am happily doing nothing, though I probably should do some studying. But nahhh. I'll worry about it some other day. And I'll probably be mad as hell, cause I did nothing, when still had time. Yes, I am that kind of student. At least I acknowledge my mistakes.
Well, what to tell ypu about my past days? All is pretty silent. I had a great weekend. Slept a lot. In last days I met with Alice and my classmates. All was nice. I missed girls a lot. They are too great for their own good ;). We went to a pizzeria. I ordered carbonara and some dessert. We chatted a lot about all girl's stuff we could think of. Had good time.
Chatted with KK. She told me about our next semester's shedule. Not so bright future. But no big deal. For now. I just don't wanna think about it. I'll have 5 mounthes of this misery and pain. I will think about it in a mean time. And I'll cry.
Need to sit on a diet. I am such a fatty :/.

2014-02-01 в 21:04 

нет ты не fatty.
Расписание действительно боль.

2014-02-01 в 21:05 

Мне просто нельзя тебя одну оставлять наедине с тортом и таракашками)))

2014-02-01 в 21:30 

Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Almamacher, дорогуша. Я добралась до круглой отметки на весах, если ты понимаешь, о чем я :shy::shy:

2014-02-02 в 12:00 

Ты меня догоняешь?
Мне пора срочно набирать еще вес, я не могу тебе продуть в этой гонке вооружений)

2014-02-02 в 16:00 

Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Almamacher, я еду в общагу сдавать обороты. Контролируй меня х)

2014-02-06 в 20:21 

Буду еду отнимать, в общем по накатанной схеме))))


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