Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, Dear Diary! In last days I don't really cover you with posts. Session is coming, you know? Wanna hide under my blanket and sit there all day long. I don't really have any improvement in anything, though trying my best. Even now instead of studying I am doing God knows what.
Next week is troublesome. We will have our patology and therapy checks. How I will pass them is quite a mystery. I will tell you all about my misadventures next time. For now I have only one check on Pharmacology. And if patology is not so dangerous, therapy is DEADLY! I am telling you. Our teacher said: "You either pass or I will shoot you." And smiled. Yea. I believe him, you know? Also we will have Ivrit and Genetics checks, Immunology final test and Microbiology check. Spooky week, I must say.
Well, about anything else then studying. I watched first season of Princess Tutu. Brainwashable. The knight was ok, everything else is totally creepy. Creepy in a pink way. Me and Angela are watching Regular Show. It is brainwashable too. And hillarious. I see boyslove everywhere. It is like they are making all this scenes on purpose. What more? I couldn't go shopping, cause they took all my moneys for the hostel. I am sad. Burp.
Also I went to anti-cafe with KK last weekend. We really liked it there. Nice atmosphere. Then I met with my brother. Spent night at their place. We watched Lord of the Rings (two towers). I played with Gerar. Had a nice time. Other than that don't have much news.
See you next time ^^