Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, Dear Diary!
Finally some time to tell you all the news. The trip to morgue was very nice, to say at least. We didn't have any problems finding the hospital. I rode on tramvai for the very first time. Hospital was magnificent. So clean and neat. When we came into the morgue building and to the "Section Room", I felt a panick attack. The first thing I wanted was to run away. For me the most troublesome part is taking out the brain. Well, they started from it! I was stuck, and when have come from the stupor, it was like "Oh, already starting, OK!". So I watched it all. It was not so scary, still the smell was awful. I was feeling lightheaded when standing too close to the body we were watching. So I had to come out two times to take some fresh air. Beside it I enjoyed the show and my willpower.
The studying is going at full speed. I fell in love with the Ivryt. Such an interesting language. Though I don't really have time to deep into it. It's a pity.
Well, all for now. Thanks for listening.
Behazlaha! (Which means Good Luck, BTW ;))