Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, Dear Diary! I decided it's time for a post, yay!
Actually, my mood is awful. It seems like my usual summer-autumn depression was late. I am feeling like a woman, which will gave a birth in two weeks. Wanna cry. Wanna go home. Wanna sleep. Don't wanna live in Moscow. No more. I am sick of this city. The city itself is great. But the atmosphere is deadly dull. All the noices, smoke, humming all around. I can't stand it! Moody mood, pretty much.
About nowdoing. We took a cat. He is really great. Purring a lot. We are gonna to find him a new home. Me and Angy already have cats, soo we don't really have a choice.
Wanna go hoome.
Sorry for the moody mood.
See ya next time!