Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.

Hello, Dear Diary!
It is time to write about my "nowdoing"!)
Well, I'll start from the August the 1st. It's been awful amount of time since that. Well, my Moscow friends came to visit me! It was so joyfull. We visited my hometown and went to swim in Bogolubovo. I hope, they spent time well. We were playing cards, watched a movie, ate some junkfood and laughed a lot. "Van', would you like me to go away???")))) That was AMAZING! And of course the joke about Malfoy! I still smile, while remembering that!
Also we celebrated my Mom's B-day. I even got her a present and she liked it. Yay! We were talking about family matters and serious things, but I had a great time.
And there was meeting of 104! Fuck Yeah. I was afraid I wouldn't see my precious girls at all, but we had a party. Well, not quite a party, but quite a "туса". I visited loft-cafe for the first time. It was somehow strange. I liked the design a lot, but it was very expensive, if you would like to know.
Yesterday we had a party with Zhenya, Alla, Elis and Sasha. Were laughing a lot.
Nowadays I am stuck with horror-movies. Can't stop watching them. I opened a new fandom of "Warrior-U". It is a comic by Aisha Thani. It is so amazing and hillarious. The jokes are something! I finished FINALLY The Xiaolin Showdown. Jack is a cutie, wanna hug him. Bought the ticket to Moscow. I will go on the August 31st. I am a little bit sad, cause life for two towns is not very comfortable.
Well, for now it is all!)
See you next time!

P.S. Nice song matching my thoughts and epigraph!)