Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.

Hello, Dear Diary!
My practise is over (still can't believe it), so now I have more time for myself.
On July the 29th we celebrated Jenya's birthday. All was cool. I ate a bit too much sushi. Now I am awaiting for my parents to go to Bryansk, so I'll have a chance to have a sleepover with my friends. Anya is going to come from Moscow, maybee not alone :D
I started going to the fitness-club. Though I can't visit the pool now due to my finger on left hand, I am using some machines? Don't know the word. I loved doing exercises with them. It is quet productive. My goal for now is to loose 300-600 calories on training every day. Don't know if I can do this, but will try. Or Angy will transport my bed to some other room.
Well, other then that don't have too much to say about. Still, summer is beautifull!
Have a nice day!