Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.

Hello, Dear Diary!
I am sorry for lack of posts in last month. It is just that I am very busy, you know. Started going to my practise in The Red Cross. It is very interesting and VERY hard. There is one week of it left. And I am as happy, as I can be due to my health condition, which is very poor by the way.
Well, about last days. I've succesfully graduated my 4th semester. KK came to me (Vladimir, I mean). We had very busy and museumy-churchy-cathedraly weekend. Hope, she liked my hometown. I met some new people at practise and learned, that I am quite unskillfull, or better to say skillles in doing something medical with my hands. For now, I've learnd to do injections (intramuscularis, subcutaneous), use catetters, bandage wounds and even remove sutures. I am very proud of myself.
Had some time with Elis and Zhenya. Though, not so much.
About the future. Am going to go to Moscow on next week. Don't know if I will, but planning. And of course HANG OUT SO HARD, THAT IT'D BE SHAMEFULL TO REMEMBER. Hell YEAAAH.
Well, for now it is all.
See ya! :)

А почему бы собственно и не поделиться настроением?