Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, dear diary!
I am in process of studying. I wake up every day at 5-6 am. Angie is waking up earlier most of the mornings. Well, today I had my Biology and Physiology checks. My test on Highest Neural Activity (I looked up for this word today) was amazing. I am surprised to be so lucky. People were getting Fs, Es and Ds. And I managed to get a B. It looks like I only had nice kind questions, while the others. I wish them all a good amount of luck. P. S. the guy from my group even called me a cheater for making one mistake. I am still in shock.
Last two days were pretty nice too. I managed to pass my economic test with 98%. Still don't know how. We had only check without gradation, so I am satisfied. And I've got Anatomy check! Yey! I still have to pass two exams though. One for bones and muscles and the other for digestive system.
Though I don't have a lot to do, I am really tired. Maybe it is lack of sleep. Or because I am getting nervous really easy.
Well, talking only about studying. I know, I am boring. But it is a real high priority to me. So deal with my whining. For now it is all. I'll write you later more. Thanks for listening.
See ya!