Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, Dear Diary!
Sorry for being quiet for so long. But now I have a lot of news to tell about.
The studying is going at full width and length. Though it is not even a check-session, which by the way we will have from 3rd to 9th June, but we already are passing a lot of tests. The last week was very hard. I passed The caring (surgery part), biochemistry, physiology, history, physics (with not so wonderfull results, I must say). Tomorrow I will know about anatomy. On Tuesday I have an Economic test. On wednesday I will know my biology results and have to pass test on Higher Neural Doing. Lol. I should tie up my lexicon on summer break. Well, thursday is going be the day-off. And on Friday I need to pass PE. So, as you can see I'll have quite a lot to do. Hope I will manage it in right time.
Well, something about not studying. I watched the Suicide Shop and Paranorman. Both were extremely good. The Suicide Shop was very original piece of animation. The style is very interesting and the odea itself is brilliant. But I didn't like songs at all. Paranorman was the most thrilling animovie, I have ever seen. The idea was very close to many. But creators succesfully opened it. They didn't even have to stretch the storyline. I think Paranorman will go to my BEST-list.
Yesterday I met with my brother and guess what I've got? My book. It is Kindle 5. So small, so light, so pretty. I am soooo happy. That book should have been my present for March 8th. Yesterday was May 25th. You can't even imagine how long it is. I thought I'll never get it. I need an Inthernet now, cause I need to get a converter for books. There was a CD with Russian Classic. But I want to download Dickens, Marshall, Murakami, Moathm. Soooo many books I have to read. Today I finally read a Usual Story by Goncharov. It was very depressing, but well-written. I was so worried about the main hero. And I don't really like, that he ended like this. Still it was great.
I think I wrote to much boring information. But life it is. Sometimes it is Lazy Slow time. Session will ruin this mood very soon. Thank you for listening.