Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, dear diary!
I'm bored out of my mind. The history period. Though we have a really good lector, I hate the time period we're discussing. I had drawed, had played games, had read fanfiction and STILL! This one is not going to end soon. So, I decided to use this time for something productive.
I am in campus. The weather is WONDERFUL! So warm.. I think I'm melting (in a good way). Studying is getting really hard. Cause I'm relaxed. Take iiit eeeaaaaaaaasyyyyy! Tomorrow will be a looong day. I'll have two periods of biology, physiology, anatomy. And I have to clean up the lection room I am in charge of. The session is coming!!! Hide! HIDE!!! SAVE THE CHILDREN! Lol. Hope I'll pass it without major troubles.
Well, going off! See ya next time.