Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.

Hello, Dear Diary!
Well, firstly..
Okay, now.. I just can't stand the way you are acting! Like an immature baby. Don't you think it doesn't suit you? Of course not. You are so full of yourself, you just can't think clearly. I am very ashamed, cause stupid me have to worry about you. So just a few wordsspining in my head right now: "Not F**KING funny". Hope you'll listen to me.
Well, about my nowdoing. I think I made this word myself. Don't know if it actually exists.I am pretty nice. Kinda bored, cause I have to study. But in other ways pretty nice. The weather is such a joy. I hope it will last for some more days. The sun's light is so warm. I think that I actually was sunbathing in it's glory. Still in my clothes, though.
Today I had a meeting with my family. We were talking about such interesting things! Massons, aliens, psychology, dinosaures. Lol. I have a really strange family. And now I finnaly got to know the sociotype of my aunt! He-he-he. Angy was actually right. That is a point for her. Now I am sitting and watching some random movie on Disney channel. There was a commercial about Kind Juice :D So i will stop here and get some Nestea for me!
See ya!