Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, dear diary!
Oh, everything is wonderful! Things FINALLY have started going my way! I am very cheerful, indeed. Do you know why? Of course! I AM GOING HOME TOMORROW. You probably can't imagine how happy I am! 4 days! Then 3 sad days. And then 3 days more! And of course after that two studying weeks and.. DEADLY SESSION. Hope, I'll survive all this menace.
Well, about my "nowdoing". I made up with Angy. We didn't talk for 8 days! Could you imagine it? Studying is getting nowhere near it's end. But it allways is coming all of sudden. I am very marry, lol. Old English. Still in process of rereading Checkmate. The day before yesterday DoaS was updated. Oh, God! I really love Pearl. She says only two capters left till the Danny will become adult. Fuck yeah! I am so intrigued. And I really want to read the moment, when he will know about and meet his true parents. And Elliot and Gregor. Ow, the poor dragons (truying not to hate Gregor). Hope, Vlad will learn this is all Spectra's doing and KILLTHISFUCKINGWHORESLUTBITCHHOOKERHATEPUREHATE!!!! Nya ^^.
I will probably write tomorrow. For now it is all. See ya!