Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, dear diary!
Thanks God, my spring fever of LOVE is gone. Don't love anyone at all! Yey!
Angy took a vacation and went home, so now I am staying at our room alone. I am not lonely, quite the opposite. I am pretty happy to have some time to myself. On monday there gonna be Myology-check-up. I don't know muscles at all. Shame on me. But, I have two and a half days to study. Let's pray for me not being the lazy ass and actually STUDYING this weekend. I also have to buy some groceries (hope I didn't spell it wrong), spend some time in bathroom, doing all the girly stuff, I can imagine and maybee do some chores. And for all I have only a small weekend. Owww.
Today I am gonna visit the dinner. Don't know what they will give is today, but hope it will be something delicious!
Well, going off! See ya!)