Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, dear diary!
Today I want to discuss.. Erm, don't know if my monologues could be viewed like a discussion :)
First. I've been thinking a lot about my future life in Moscow and what should I do. There are not so many possibilities, but few. In the end I decided to stay in campus. Though KK wants to see me at hers and I really want it too, it seems like no, just because. I had really hard time thinking about going to another room. But still don't know. Preferably, me and Angy will just make our room more suitable for us. Like getting Internet, buying fridge, changing interier. So, there.
Second. Where the fuck is spring?! I am soooo depressed because of bad weather. Want to see blue sky, the sun, green leaves, butterflies. And what I get? Stupid snow, stupid ice, stupid clouds. Arrrrgh, unbearable.
Third. Forever alone. What else to say? And the funny thing. I think I'm in love. Ha-ha. See, told ya? It is even more unbearable, then late spring. Maybe, love is a too big word. Still there is a person, with whom I would like to heh-heh. Of course I am not jumping on his neck with lovely-dovely fluffy things. Have been thinking about this a lot. I think I had a chance with the person. Though it've never been official. But you know me. I am coward, when things are getting just a bit hotter. And of course, now, I don't have any chances. But I will have to spend with the person some quality time. Still am going to smile and the person wouldn't suspect anything. He-he-he. And what about me? I am pretty happy to have this person around. Just messing around, talking and chatting. It should have been spring and my stupid hormones. Want some love, get it out of air. Saying a bit too much.)
Fourth. With all this lack of spring, and stupid love (or deep affection) in my head, can't study anything. Don't know how I am gonna to pass my exams in two months. I am so stupid. In three weeks there are May' Holidays. But almost three weeks. Don't know if I will survive them.

All that I wanted to say, I said.
Going off.