Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, dear diary!
Long time no see! He-he.. Sorry about that.
So, what news? Nothing much. Been here, done that. I have been home, seen Alice. Miss my mom too much. I would like to visit her next weekend. Been at KK's. She has a rynit. Poor thing. Angy is sick too. She doesn't even go to lections. I am trying to babysit her, but it is very hard, when she is 6 years older ^^". And she doesn't really like it when I am carrying for her. Still she likes to think about me, as her daughter. Aaarrggh! I don't really like it too.
Well, the studying is flowing smoothly. I started to keep The Big Post. I am eating the milk production, though. Cause my breakfasts are primary consisting of cheese or jogurts, or milk. But I stopped eating the mayonese and chocolate. KK bugged me about doing some sport activities and I had no choice. Started doing them too. Now I have to became less puffy XD
Sneezed and oke up Angy! Brilliant me!
Have to go off) Have a really busy day tomorrow. Thanks for listening.