Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, dear diary!
I am still kinda sick, don't know why. Spinniiiing-spiiinniiiiiiing. My poor head is spinning too much in last days. Blood pressure is low. And I don't really want to eat anything, too. Angy thinks it is call from my previous flue. Who knows, who knows?
Can't study anything, sleep too much. Oh, sweet sleeping time, my head doesn't spin, I see some nice dreams, I don't have to worry. Sleeping is the best. But I'm still alive, so I have to be alive: move, eat, talk, do something productive for the world. But the headache is so dull, it's unbearable!!! Aarrrgh.
Still I have to go for a lunch. Though don't want to. I hope at least I'll lose some weight. If not, I don't want to talk with you anymore, cruel world!
I decided to go home for 8th march. I miss my monmy too much. And Masha too!
Was writing from the biology lection. Oh, naughty me!)))
Bye-bye! ^.~