Sunny foxy
Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Good evening, my dear diary!
The day was pretty full of joyness and sadness! I passed my exam and this is all I need right now. Tomorrow, I'll be heading home. I still have some cartoons to watch on phone. We will head out with my roommate in late morning. I think the path will be very interesting. I probably will wait some time at the railway station, though I'm pretty used to this. The morning will be glorious! I plan to go to breakfast, do some chores and chat a lot with Angela.
I decided to forget all about the studying till the start of the 4th semester. I think some more stresses will not do me any good. I am already very nervous. I will try to fully relax and spend as many time, as I have with my family and friends. I miss them a lot, though sometimes they bug me. But that's what they are for, yeah?
I wish you all to have a nice day. Bye-bye!)