Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.

Hello, Dear Diary!
My practise is over (still can't believe it), so now I have more time for myself.
On July the 29th we celebrated Jenya's birthday. All was cool. I ate a bit too much sushi. Now I am awaiting for my parents to go to Bryansk, so I'll have a chance to have a sleepover with my friends. Anya is going to come from Moscow, maybee not alone :D
I started going to the fitness-club. Though I can't visit the pool now due to my finger on left hand, I am using some machines? Don't know the word. I loved doing exercises with them. It is quet productive. My goal for now is to loose 300-600 calories on training every day. Don't know if I can do this, but will try. Or Angy will transport my bed to some other room.
Well, other then that don't have too much to say about. Still, summer is beautifull!
Have a nice day!


Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, dear diary!
I am in process of studying. I wake up every day at 5-6 am. Angie is waking up earlier most of the mornings. Well, today I had my Biology and Physiology checks. My test on Highest Neural Activity (I looked up for this word today) was amazing. I am surprised to be so lucky. People were getting Fs, Es and Ds. And I managed to get a B. It looks like I only had nice kind questions, while the others. I wish them all a good amount of luck. P. S. the guy from my group even called me a cheater for making one mistake. I am still in shock.
Last two days were pretty nice too. I managed to pass my economic test with 98%. Still don't know how. We had only check without gradation, so I am satisfied. And I've got Anatomy check! Yey! I still have to pass two exams though. One for bones and muscles and the other for digestive system.
Though I don't have a lot to do, I am really tired. Maybe it is lack of sleep. Or because I am getting nervous really easy.
Well, talking only about studying. I know, I am boring. But it is a real high priority to me. So deal with my whining. For now it is all. I'll write you later more. Thanks for listening.
See ya!


Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.


Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, Dear Diary!
Sorry for being quiet for so long. But now I have a lot of news to tell about.
The studying is going at full width and length. Though it is not even a check-session, which by the way we will have from 3rd to 9th June, but we already are passing a lot of tests. The last week was very hard. I passed The caring (surgery part), biochemistry, physiology, history, physics (with not so wonderfull results, I must say). Tomorrow I will know about anatomy. On Tuesday I have an Economic test. On wednesday I will know my biology results and have to pass test on Higher Neural Doing. Lol. I should tie up my lexicon on summer break. Well, thursday is going be the day-off. And on Friday I need to pass PE. So, as you can see I'll have quite a lot to do. Hope I will manage it in right time.
Well, something about not studying. I watched the Suicide Shop and Paranorman. Both were extremely good. The Suicide Shop was very original piece of animation. The style is very interesting and the odea itself is brilliant. But I didn't like songs at all. Paranorman was the most thrilling animovie, I have ever seen. The idea was very close to many. But creators succesfully opened it. They didn't even have to stretch the storyline. I think Paranorman will go to my BEST-list.
Yesterday I met with my brother and guess what I've got? My book. It is Kindle 5. So small, so light, so pretty. I am soooo happy. That book should have been my present for March 8th. Yesterday was May 25th. You can't even imagine how long it is. I thought I'll never get it. I need an Inthernet now, cause I need to get a converter for books. There was a CD with Russian Classic. But I want to download Dickens, Marshall, Murakami, Moathm. Soooo many books I have to read. Today I finally read a Usual Story by Goncharov. It was very depressing, but well-written. I was so worried about the main hero. And I don't really like, that he ended like this. Still it was great.
I think I wrote to much boring information. But life it is. Sometimes it is Lazy Slow time. Session will ruin this mood very soon. Thank you for listening.


Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, Dear Diary!
I am writing to you from Immunology lection. Such a badass! ;)
There's so many news I want to tell you. Let's start from tuesday. We had our Surgery in Dolgoprudnyy. But what is special the aftertime. We were going to our railway station, through the parking lot just near the hospital. And we founf money. A lot of money. Two packs of 5000 rubles. As we'll know later there was 150000. We were so thrilled. Went to the guys on post. They thought we were laughing at them. Make a long story short we found the owners and handed the money to them. They gave us 5000. So we decided to go to the bar. It was my first time in a real bar. We ate a lot of sushi, ice-cream andsome cocktails. I don't know about spelling this word right. So it was with alcohol. But very yummy. And I tried rome. It was fun.
The wednesday now is a day-off. We still have Yvrit though. Once in two weeks. But still. This is awesome. We can study topographic anatomy.
I am sick. Don't really know why. But the throat is aching and the voice is funny. KK said I am screaming at her. And I am not.
Well, see you later.


Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, dear diary!
I'm bored out of my mind. The history period. Though we have a really good lector, I hate the time period we're discussing. I had drawed, had played games, had read fanfiction and STILL! This one is not going to end soon. So, I decided to use this time for something productive.
I am in campus. The weather is WONDERFUL! So warm.. I think I'm melting (in a good way). Studying is getting really hard. Cause I'm relaxed. Take iiit eeeaaaaaaaasyyyyy! Tomorrow will be a looong day. I'll have two periods of biology, physiology, anatomy. And I have to clean up the lection room I am in charge of. The session is coming!!! Hide! HIDE!!! SAVE THE CHILDREN! Lol. Hope I'll pass it without major troubles.
Well, going off! See ya next time.



Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.

Hello, Dear Diary!
Well, firstly..
Okay, now.. I just can't stand the way you are acting! Like an immature baby. Don't you think it doesn't suit you? Of course not. You are so full of yourself, you just can't think clearly. I am very ashamed, cause stupid me have to worry about you. So just a few wordsspining in my head right now: "Not F**KING funny". Hope you'll listen to me.
Well, about my nowdoing. I think I made this word myself. Don't know if it actually exists.I am pretty nice. Kinda bored, cause I have to study. But in other ways pretty nice. The weather is such a joy. I hope it will last for some more days. The sun's light is so warm. I think that I actually was sunbathing in it's glory. Still in my clothes, though.
Today I had a meeting with my family. We were talking about such interesting things! Massons, aliens, psychology, dinosaures. Lol. I have a really strange family. And now I finnaly got to know the sociotype of my aunt! He-he-he. Angy was actually right. That is a point for her. Now I am sitting and watching some random movie on Disney channel. There was a commercial about Kind Juice :D So i will stop here and get some Nestea for me!
See ya!


Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, dear diary!
Today I want to discuss.. Erm, don't know if my monologues could be viewed like a discussion :)
First. I've been thinking a lot about my future life in Moscow and what should I do. There are not so many possibilities, but few. In the end I decided to stay in campus. Though KK wants to see me at hers and I really want it too, it seems like no, just because. I had really hard time thinking about going to another room. But still don't know. Preferably, me and Angy will just make our room more suitable for us. Like getting Internet, buying fridge, changing interier. So, there.
Second. Where the fuck is spring?! I am soooo depressed because of bad weather. Want to see blue sky, the sun, green leaves, butterflies. And what I get? Stupid snow, stupid ice, stupid clouds. Arrrrgh, unbearable.
Third. Forever alone. What else to say? And the funny thing. I think I'm in love. Ha-ha. See, told ya? It is even more unbearable, then late spring. Maybe, love is a too big word. Still there is a person, with whom I would like to heh-heh. Of course I am not jumping on his neck with lovely-dovely fluffy things. Have been thinking about this a lot. I think I had a chance with the person. Though it've never been official. But you know me. I am coward, when things are getting just a bit hotter. And of course, now, I don't have any chances. But I will have to spend with the person some quality time. Still am going to smile and the person wouldn't suspect anything. He-he-he. And what about me? I am pretty happy to have this person around. Just messing around, talking and chatting. It should have been spring and my stupid hormones. Want some love, get it out of air. Saying a bit too much.)
Fourth. With all this lack of spring, and stupid love (or deep affection) in my head, can't study anything. Don't know how I am gonna to pass my exams in two months. I am so stupid. In three weeks there are May' Holidays. But almost three weeks. Don't know if I will survive them.

All that I wanted to say, I said.
Going off.


Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, dear diary!
I haven't posted for long. Was pretty busy.
Things are going strange. I am not in the mood for studying, but still am getting good grades. I am not in the mood for anything, actually. I presume it is because of spring. Accurately, because of winter weather on April 5th. I want some sun and green leaves.
I became so grumpy in last days. Like I am turning into dark Dostoevsky or worse - dark Esenin. Have to calm myself. Want some time alone.
I am not sick anymore. It is very good.


Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, dear diary!)
I have a free half of period, so decided to use it for something productive. Writing a post, for example.
Today I am going home. It is gonna be GREAT. Home, I mean, not the travelling process. Today I'll ride on the 3rd class. Aaaaaarrgghhh! Don't want to. Big puffy men will seat all around me. And they will wide their legs, so there is no room for mine. Egoistical bastards! Poor me.
Last days were quiet stressful for me and Angy. So we were arguing a lot. Good thing we made up. But it was pretty hard to have Cold War in one room. We couldn't even spend some time alone and chill out. And I really needed it. But everything is ok now. Katya is watching. And she doesn't understand it is НЕВЕЖЛИВО. Had to tell her about translation.
Well, going off.


Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, dear diary!
Some more whining! It is so frustrating when you are trying to draw something. And here is the moment. You are grabbing the inspiration, your muse is in your hands and ... BANG!!$&,(7!!! Just cause someone is bored.
And then: Why are you so mean to me?!!

Thx for listening.


Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, dear diary!
Long time no see! He-he.. Sorry about that.
So, what news? Nothing much. Been here, done that. I have been home, seen Alice. Miss my mom too much. I would like to visit her next weekend. Been at KK's. She has a rynit. Poor thing. Angy is sick too. She doesn't even go to lections. I am trying to babysit her, but it is very hard, when she is 6 years older ^^". And she doesn't really like it when I am carrying for her. Still she likes to think about me, as her daughter. Aaarrggh! I don't really like it too.
Well, the studying is flowing smoothly. I started to keep The Big Post. I am eating the milk production, though. Cause my breakfasts are primary consisting of cheese or jogurts, or milk. But I stopped eating the mayonese and chocolate. KK bugged me about doing some sport activities and I had no choice. Started doing them too. Now I have to became less puffy XD
Sneezed and oke up Angy! Brilliant me!
Have to go off) Have a really busy day tomorrow. Thanks for listening.



Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Здравствуй, дорогой дневник! Запись ни о чем, поэтому и косо, поэтому и на русском.
Хочется пофилосовствовать и похипстерить, а может даже немного пованильничать.
Вот, интересно, замечают ли люди романтику в современной жизни? Выделяют ли они для себя что-то прекрасное? Вычленяют ли в сером потоке дней те маленькие чудеса. Вот я все это делаю только по настроению, почему-то не по хорошему. Встречать рассвет на вокзале, провожая глазами уходящие электропоезда; видеть вместо снега летящую на встречу золотую пыль; воспринимать каждое облако в небе, как полноценную фигурку. Этот мир настолько необычен, и в нем действительно есть все, что только можно пожелать! Жаль, что многие этого не замечают. Жаль, что я сама вспоминаю об этом лишь изредка.
Что-то накатило.)


Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, dear diary!
I have a little time to write, but still. I am ok. Today my head gave me an opportunity to visit PE-period. And it is a good thing! Now my legs are stiff. But I am feeling great moral satisfaction.
Also today we had Caring-for-sick-people-period. I was somehow dumbed, cause we started from surgery. But who am I to disagree. It was kinda interesting. Now I know how surgery-room should be taken care of and what should the surgery-nurse do. Don't know if this will somehow matter in my future life, but still it was interesting.
Also today I've drawn a picture of Sessil. He is looking different and I couldn't draw Lolo at all, so I had to draw Raven-shade.
And something more. Today I at least viewed the lyrics of very nice song. Here are they (part if them). Just in case I'll lost the song someday!
You don't have to be afraid
To put your dream in action
You're never gonna fade
You'll be the main attraction

Not a fantasy
Just remember me
When it turns out right

Cause you know that if you live in
Your imagination
Tomorrow you'll
Be everybody's fascination

In my victory
Just remember me
When I make it shine



Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Hello, dear diary!
I am still kinda sick, don't know why. Spinniiiing-spiiinniiiiiiing. My poor head is spinning too much in last days. Blood pressure is low. And I don't really want to eat anything, too. Angy thinks it is call from my previous flue. Who knows, who knows?
Can't study anything, sleep too much. Oh, sweet sleeping time, my head doesn't spin, I see some nice dreams, I don't have to worry. Sleeping is the best. But I'm still alive, so I have to be alive: move, eat, talk, do something productive for the world. But the headache is so dull, it's unbearable!!! Aarrrgh.
Still I have to go for a lunch. Though don't want to. I hope at least I'll lose some weight. If not, I don't want to talk with you anymore, cruel world!
I decided to go home for 8th march. I miss my monmy too much. And Masha too!
Was writing from the biology lection. Oh, naughty me!)))
Bye-bye! ^.~


Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.

Здравствуй, дорогой дневник! Каникулы прошли безупречно! Ну, почти. Но не будем о грустном. Я увиделась со столькими людьми. Так хорошо отоспалась!) А отоспаться было главной целью, так что Элечка в плюсе. Мы с мамой ездили в Москву и заодно забросили некоторые вещи в общежитие. Йей! Завтра мне не надо тащить с собой миллион и один килограмм. Опять с утра. Аааах.. Как же я уже соскучилась по общаге. И опять не знаю, чего хочу. То ли остаться, то ли уехать. Тяжело жить на два города.
В общем, я много чего сделала. Еще больше я не сделала. Хочу поездить домой на выходные почаще. Но. Как пойдет.
По анатомии начнем ОДА, ака опорно-двигательный аппарат. И если после этого я не научусь рисовать тела лучше, я пристрелюсь. Точнее, Надя меня пристрелит. А я ее, если она не научится! МУХАХАХА! Чую я умру в одиночестве. Назад к делу. ОДА по анатомии это пипец. Даже не знаю, как мне жить дальше с таким модулем. Еще будет пищеварение и сенсорные системы. И опять сессия. Да, знаю - тороплюсь! Сейчас парюсь, а как начнется семестр опять на все полузабью. Эх, я. Интересно, что мне выставили в эндокринку и кровь. Ооочень интересно.
Уже распечатала календарь до июня себе. Ай да я! ;)
Ну, что еще.. Мммм.. Сейчас пойду плескаться в душе, а потом собирать сумку. Завтра надо приехать, прибраться, сходить в магазин, все приготовить к учебе. Фффух. И. ПОСМОТРЕТЬ УЖЕ БЭТМЭНА! Анжелка не отвертится :D

5 позитивностей на сегодня:
1) Я распечатала календарь
2) Дядя Леша устроил прощальный пир
3) Я наконец буду заниматься делом, а не балдошничать
4) Теееплая Машка
5) Теееплая ванна

Ну, вот и все на пока.
Буду писать с телефона ;)


Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Good afternoon, my dear diary!
I'll write more often from now on, as I know that my new phone gives me such a great opportunity. Why in english? I am very afraid of degrading in my language skills, so you'll have to keep with me. Weeeeell, what to say? Tomorrow is exam and I am doing everything, but studying. Just kidding))) Studying it is. I am not so brave or self-confident. Though crazy is a better word.
Wynja started a new fic and I am soooooo happy! The idea is fabulous. And, oh my blob, I found a great Marshall/PG fic. So don't have any problems with what to read. Still am a little bit sore from the last days, but I think it'll wears off, just like everytime, before.
Biochemistry is killing me. BRAIN FREEZE!!!! XD It's like I had answered one question and there is second, just like the first! AAAAARGH! My studies are driving me nuts :(

But! Bright side: I have my music with me!))))

Yeah, I have friens,
But they have friends
And they have parties
And I'm so awkward...

Just about me :)

But for now it is all, should return to biochemistry)) sorry for the lack of design. Can'to anything.
And I really need to change the design.

Have a nice day!)


Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Здравствуй, дорогой дневник!
Пишу довольно сумбурно, без адекватного оформления и прочее, но срочно нужно все высказать! Завуалированно, но тем не менее серьезно, и вообще!
Вот все говорят - умей вовремя замолчать, бла-бла! Вот я молчу, и что ты думаешь? - А вот не надо молчать, а то мы никогда не разберемся в наших проблемах! (С) окааааааай... Говоришь, если тебя что-то не устраивает? - Не, ну а что ты обижаешься по пустякам? (С) Лаааааааадно... Будем молчать в ссорах. И знаете, что вышло? Стоит только дать спуск и несколько раз попросить прощения, как все!!! Ты теперь вообще во всем виноват, есть причина, нет ли ее. Как же я уже устала. Сколько можно гадить мне в душу. Я что действительно такая ужасная? Да, соглашусь, характер не сахар, но я же не обижаю людей целенаправленно, не говорю никому гадостей в лицо, не делаю что-то исподтишка. Даже за нечаяннл брошенные болевые фразы я прошу прощения. Достало. Теперь я виновпта в том, что не услышала. Когда человек знал, что я не слышу! Каааааааааак?! Это как - не ешь, грибы они ядовитые - ладно, но я их сьем, как ты могла меня отравить???!! Все горазды обижать меня, терпишь - ок, не терпишь - учись молчать вовремя. Сами, умняши мои, либо учитесь за свое хамло просить прощения, либо свой ротик умненький закрывать, прежде чем гадости говорить! А обижаться можете на что угодно, только не думайте, что я ничего не запоминаю. Никакого прощения за этот случай, от меня можно и не ждать. Лучше следите, как бы самим не пришлось его просить.
Кто белый этик, тот и прав. Хватит с меня признания своих ошибок и прощения ваших. Живите как хотите, господа.


Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Здравствуй, дорогой дневник!
Прости, что давно не писала, да и сейчас особо не шикарюсь на длинные посты. Обычно лапки не доходят, а сейчас уже поздно и боюсь ататашки получить от Энджи.
Если рассказывать все, как происходит галопом: отличноповеселиласьуккнодебильныйиммунитетвсепортит. Короче, я заболела. Не удивительно, но блин. Пичалька мне. Зато я шикарно отдохнула!) В остальном, все хорошо)
Еще раз прости за короткий пост!)


Хочу жить вечно. Пока получается.
Здравствуй, дорогой дневник!
Дела у меня идут не очень, зато идут!))
Ok, let's move on. I'm still sick. And though I am saying to my mom, that I am okay, I am not. Today my ears are feeling funny. Don't know the right word to describe it, sooo. But making a long story short, it feels like I am underwater, so I can't hear well. I can't study at all, cause my mind is so blobbery. Want to lie in bed and read something interesting! But crazy world is so mean to me!
This semester is so nice, still I am sad.

When the sun sets...